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Beginning in 1999, Meyers expanded her career and began to host and produce the television talk show “Straight from the Heart." This program aired for 11 seasons.

Sheri Meyers has written a profound and powerful book that is a must-read for anyone wanting to protect your relationship, heal it if it’s on shaky ground, or recover from the heartbreak of infidelity.” In the book Meyers discusses a term she names “emotional sex.” Meyers defines emotional sex as “a sexual chemistry; that you may or may not recognize; a secret attraction and feeling of intimacy that you have with another person.” This term is referring to emotional infidelity that may or may not lead to physical infidelity.

Her way of interpreting the Bible is not systematic, for example, and she tends to feel her way through the text.

And she also admits in this interview that her sexual ethics might not rule out polyamory.

2sides1coin Is a podcast that likes to dig deep into social issues that take place in relationship and the everyday world with a bit of banter.

Come and listen to Mikky Wisperz, Bobby Digital & Dee Apple's banter filled conversation.

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