Cam chat wa

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Cam chat wa

If you prefer to download Whatsapp on your computer, have a look at Whatsapp for PC, instead! As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to download one of the browsers listed above and the latest version of Whats App. On your phone, launch the Whats App app and tap on the menu button. Scan the QR code displayed in your browser and you’re done!

That changed when Whats App finally released Whats App Web and Whats App for PC.

Notifications and keyboard shortcuts aside, it's identical to Whats App Web for your browser. Right now, is probably your best bet, although Skype and other video call apps also support this.

Whats App’s focus is to make the video call look as good as possible.

Whats App on the web is extremely simple to setup and use.

In the past, you had to use complicated workarounds like using Blue Stacks to run the Android app on your computer and then tricking it into thinking it’s on a mobile device.

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Facebook will likely introduce more features into Whats App Web later on. Start new private chats At the top, you’ll see a chat icon where you can pull up a list of your contacts to start chatting with.

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