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Cherryblossom dating site

The popcorn note is definitely there, lending a salty/buttery tone to the bubbly/sweet backdrop.

Cherries and strawberries float in the mix giving it a sweet home-grown vibe.

Dior is introducing a new and charming girl, Miss Dior Cherie. I used to LOVE to smell CM on others, but by the time I dropped coin on a bottle I couldn't stand it on myself.

Face of the perfume is Riley Keough, Elvis Presley's oldest granddaughter, and the bottle resembles the one of Miss Dior of 1947. BUT if I do, luckily I have a bottle of Elode Bliss which smells ALMOST identical but MDC is more of a smoother smell and not as tart. I’m not gonna lie...o actually WOULD pay 0 for this. This MDC 2005 reminds me of CM, which shouldn't be a bad thing since I did love it once, but there was just something in CM that was added that was too, too much.

This fragrance, although it features the same basic components like its famous predecessor, is not at all a remake of Miss Dior. I just...can’t put into words how marvelous and magical this perfume is! This perfume is: 1,000,000/1,000,000 (Yes that’s one million out of one million lmao) BOMB AMAZING INTOXICATING ADDICTING AROUSING and a damn aphrodisiac for me. Another frag that smells super similar to both of these is Camelia by L'Erbolario. EDIT: I have two bottles of this now, one EDP from 2005 (batch code 5801) and another from April 2009 (batch code 9R02).

However at some point, after wearing it a lot, I started to detect a strange nuance in between all the beauty. It was really off-putting and disgusting; I started to think it has gone bad (due to age) and stopped wearing it again. I tried to sell it and swap it several times, but it sat stubbornly on my shelve- like saying I'm here to stay, I'm not going anywhere.My relationship with Miss Dior Cherie has been so bizarre.But I guess it's only telling there is no other like it!I describe this one as 'Strawberry caramel popcorn' with the slightly vibe of Miss Dior original from 1947. It makes me feel so good all day just by smelling myself.I can smell strong juicy strawberry mix with popcorn at first then it dries down to sweet caramel with some floral. I recently obtained a mini .17 ounce blind bought online. I had this scent on my want list for a long time, for about 6 years.

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