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Though Cubic tries to make things harder for Kaito to make him give up on puzzles, he soon learns that the puzzle giver is serious about blowing up the city.With less than two minutes remaining, Kaito enters his Phi-Brain state and solves the puzzle with a second to spare.He attaches a strange bracelet onto Kaito's arm, which causes his head to hurt whenever he thinks about puzzles.

After this happens, the room they are in is sealed off, and Kaito is given a puzzle in which he is told to pull a correct lever to stop the pillars holding the ceiling up breaking apart.

However, Kaito once again enters his Phi-Brain state and manages to use the other vehicles in the puzzle to push their car out of the way before they are crushed.

Kaito meets a boy genius solver named Cubic Galois, who carries the title of 'Edison' and prefers mathematics over puzzles.

Phi Brain: Puzzle of God is a 2011 Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise.

The story follows a genius puzzle solver named Kaito Daimon who, after receiving a bangle that increases his brain power under stress, is challenged to several life-or-death puzzles by a mysterious organization called the POG.

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They visit the mansion of a late artist, with its butler revealed to be a Giver from the POG.