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The collection is composed mostly of the archives of the Documents Bureau of the 2nd Polish Corps.The Bureau was established by General Anders in April 1943 to collect documentation on the 1939-1941 Soviet occupation of Eastern Poland, and the fate of the hundreds of thousands of Polish prisoners of war, labor camp inmates, and deportees, as well as to prepare materials in support of the Polish cause for the future peace conference.I didn't get my act together enough before Christmas to share how I decorated for the Season this year and wanted to post it before 2018~ so here goes...Just to warn you though, this post has waaay too many photos!!!

Two questionnaires, one shorter, page-long ten point form, and the second, a four-page questionnaire, were commonly used.

This year I did hydrangeas in the branches and the photo above is before I had them all hung up.

I loved the look in this photo and not so much in the light of day, because truthfully, it looked like one big mess, but I'm glad I got this shot before I had hung them all up.

Rabiński offers a case study in how the establishment of Communist regimes in East-Central Europe led to the elimination of political pluralism.

Rabiński recounts the dismantling of a Christian Democratic network that had distinguished itself throughout the war both on Polish soil and in the London-based state apparatus in exile.

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The "Statements" and the "Reports" files are complementary, with numbers which are lacking in one file found in the other.