Validating telephone numbers

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Validating telephone numbers

For example, what if the user doesn't enter the requisite 10 digits? In my opinion, the most elegant solution is to validate a minimum length, nothing more.This should be combined with good regex [email protected] Q I disagree. After reading through these answers, it looks like there wasn't a straightforward regular expression that can parse through a bunch of text and pull out phone numbers in any format (including international with and without the plus sign).The main purpose of an IBAN is to promote straight-through processing of international financial transactions, thereby making the transfer of funds between different EU countries quick, fast and more efficient. This concession is not possible for payment transactions done in currencies other than euro. Account Number (12 digits) It is not necessary that, the iban may contain only numbers, but can also have alpha-numeric characters.No bank charges involving IBAN All payment transactions made within european union, quoted with IBAN numbers are charged like domestic payments, if : 1. The SWISS IBAN is made up of the following elements: * a two-letter country code (CH for switzerland) * a two-number check digit (CD) for the entire IBAN * a Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN), no more than 30 characters long, comprising Institution Identification (IID) and Bank Account Number (BAN) Swiss IBAN consists of maximum 21 alphanumeric characters, uniquely identifies the swiss bank, bank clearing number and customers account number, all included under one roof (IBAN format). As you notice from the above parameters, we have all necessary data for iban but 'Control digit' is missing. Goal: To calculate control digit of IBAN from account number, and bc number.The original problem is trying to handle phone number validation because it was trying to handle all the possible formatting options. Here's a regex for a 7 or 10 digit number, with extensions allowed, delimiters are spaces, dashes, or periods: ^(? Here's what I used for a client project recently, where we had to convert all phone numbers in any format to tel: links.Rather than try to solve all that, take the input and "pre-strip" it of all formatting fluff until you have just the "number". How are extensions (e.g., 111-222-3333 x 44444) going to be handled? So far, it's been working with everything they've thrown at it, but if errors come up, I'll update this answer.Those numbers are guaranteed not to connect to an actual phone number so they're often used in television and movies to ensure that a viewer doesn't try to call the number and end up harassing some poor [email protected] While that was true decades ago, it is no longer true. Honestly, I would recommend you don't try to validate phone numbers.

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Doing this solves 2 problems - testing the result is now easy and you can now ensure that values rendered back out for display can all be formatted consistently. Regex: Here's a wonderful pattern that most closely matched the validation that I needed to achieve.

The first comment on this answer about the "Complicator's Gloves" is a good read... I'm not the original author, but I think it's well worth sharing as I found this problem to be very complex and without a concise or widely useful answer.

If a beneficiary customer does not yet distribute IPIs or use e PIs he/she should indicate the IBAN as well as the related bank’s BIC on his/her letterhead and invoices, in the same way as he/she indicates data such as his/her domestic account number and telephone number.

Example Customer 12, Main Street City, Country Telephone: 0033 1 12 34 56 78 Bank account number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Bank Address: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX SWIFT code: XXXXXXX Bank’s BIC: XXXX IBAN: CH76 1820 6000 1030 5696 6 If you own accounts of different currencies, such as USD, CHF, or EUR, then you have to quote your IBAN number in this format, specific to currency..

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sometimes the answer to a problem is to approach it differently. The following regex will catch widely used number and character combinations in a variety of global phone number formats: Positive: 42 555.123.4567 1-(800)-123-4567 567 7(926)1234567 (926) 1234567 792612345567 9261234567 1234567 123-4567 123-89-567 469 123 45 67 89261234567 8 (926) 1234567 926.123.4567 415-555-1234 650-555-2345 (416)555-3456 2 4035555678 1 4 Negative: 926 3 4 8 800 600-APPLE Original source: I believe the Number:: Phone:: US and Regexp:: Common (particularly the source of Regexp:: Common:: URI:: RFC2806) Perl modules could help.

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