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I said “It’s totally insane not to show this scene where Carlton Fisk hit the home run, you gotta let us do it.

Look, once you see a cut of the movie, we can cut the scene out.

That’s how Gus shoots, and it’s also the way the camera is so non-invasive you just forget it’s there.

He watches, he sits by the camera, which is kind of old-school, I don’t think he uses video playback very much, which was wonderful.

I remember I was home watching “Saturday Night Live” and they had me and Ben depicted and for a second, I was thrilled. I’ve had people say “Wow, you’re pretty smart,” as if they expected this real sort of dummy, a guy who was even less intelligent than Chuckie, who I actually think is kind of a smart character, just not in a traditional sense. The movie landed in such a pronounced way that the only impressions that people had of us were from the movie.So when we did that, Robin would do his character not as Sean, but other characters instead, like he would do it as Janet Reno.And then Matt was spurred to do his character as something else. So we’d have Donald Duck talking to Janet Reno in lines from Ben Affleck: Gus cut it out of the first cut. And I remember going, “Gus, at least let an audience see it.In order for the camera crew to actually accomplish that, the actors had to play the scene without us shooting it.It was important to get the timing of the lines in sync with the camera.

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